Modelling the LB&SCR in 3mm scale

Page last updated 24 May 2006

This information is offered with no comment as to the quality of any of the products. Please check the suitability of any item before purchase. If I have missed out any kit or model that you know of, or you have any corrections, then please let me know by email: .

Key to tables

AvailableThought to be currently available.
Not availableNot known to be currently available.
New ItemNewly added.



Type Manufacturer Details
A1x (0-6-0T) Terrier Available Three Millimetre SocietyEtched brass
C2x (0-6-0) Available Worsley WorksEtched brass


Type (Diagram) Manufacturer Notes
54ft bogie stock
1921 Push-pull set Brake 3rd Available Worsley Works Etched Brass
1921 Push-pull set Composite Available Worsley Works Etched Brass


Type (Diagram) Manufacturer Notes
Open wagons
Open A goods (SR D1348) Available Worsley Wagon Works Whitemetal on plastic chassis.

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