A 4mm scale D1 from an Albion Models kit

Updated 1 May 2002

Some notes from Paul Newham

The model is EM gauge and was my first attempt at constructing an etched brass kit.

The chassis is rigid but the trailing wheels are sprung.

To overcome my inability to do justice to Stroudley's passenger livery in this scale I have used a computer drawing/design program (Corel Draw) to produce overlays for the tanksides (with lettering), cab sides, bunker, toolbox and splashers. The bufferbeam panels and numberplates have been also been produced by this method.

I'm still not completely happy with the match between the 'Improved Engine Green' paint (Precision) on the boiler and the computer-rendered version though I think the correct shade is rather elusive anyway!

Obviously this method is not suitable where there is a lot of raised surface detail such as rivets and the finished model must be handled very carefully. However the end result is far better than I have achieved so far with lining pens, transfers or brushes and I am now engaged in producing a set of graphics for my Terriers.

Left hand side of the loco
Right hand side of the loco
© 2002 by Paul Newham.

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