Jenny Lind in EM

Created 20 June 2006

Some notes from Eric Gates

My aim was to build a Jenny Lind in the state in which the last survivors would have been seen in early Stroudley days. The very last one was number 67, by then duplicated as number 296, which was nominally withdrawn in 1879.

Chris Cox's very nice kit is seen here, somewhat mutilated, with a wrapper of plasticard around the boiler and firebox. In front of the tender is the Longrider chassis and frame from High Level. Left hand side of the loco
This view gives a better impression of the relative sizes of the LongRider and the tender itself. The LongRider is actually designed as a replacement for a Bo-Bo diesel motor bogie, so all you have to do is insert an extra axle. All the difficult stuff to mount it as bogie is not required. Left hand side of the loco
Beginning to look a bit more complete, with boiler fittings and a weatherboard. The splasher has had the "spokes" removed - but the end ones on either side have been filled in. The chimney is the original, with some of the detail removed. It is possibly a bit tall for the rebuilt version. Left hand side of the loco
Final version - but still needing handrails. The livery is Precision paints Craven green, with Holts red primer as the basis for the frames - it darkens dramatically when given a coat of varnish. The lining was the subject of much angst but uses white/black/white for the boiler bands and red/black/white for the panels.

Larger photo.

Left hand side of the loco
And the other profile.... Left hand side of the loco
© 2006 by Eric Gates.

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