Forrester Locomotives

Last updated 12 January 1999


See railway abbreviations for the prefixes used to the locomotive numbers. No prefix means that the locomotive was running on the LB&SCR railway at that time. Note dates are generally in ISO 8601 format (yyyy-mm-dd, yyyy-mm, ranges of dates are denoted by "/": yyyy-mm/yyyy-mm). If you have any corrections then please let me know by email: .

Forrester (2-4-0)

IdentifierNumberNameStart dateEnd dateNotes
Forrester.No.SER.76 L&B.32 1842-101844-032-4-0
JC.76 1844-031845-04-122-4-0
SER.76 1845-04-121860-042-4-0
Forrester.No.SER.77 L&B.33 1842-101844-032-4-0
JC.77 1844-031845-04-122-4-0
SER.77 1845-04-121860-042-4-0
Forrester.No.LBR.78 L&B.34 1843-031844-032-4-0
JC.78 1844-031845-04-122-4-0
L&BR.78 1845-04-121845-082-4-0

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