Chief Officers

NamePosition Appointed Notes
Mr. T.J. Buckton Secretary 26th Aug. 1846  
Mr. F. Slight Secretary 29th Oct. 1849  
Sir Allen Sarle Secretary (pro tem) 2nd July 1867  
Secretary 20th Nov. 1867  
Secretary and General Manager20th Oct. 1886  
Mr. J.J. Brewer Secretary 26th Jan. 1898  
Managers & Superintendents
Mr. Peter Clarke Manager 3rd Aug. 1846  
Mr. Hawkins Superintendent of Goods Dept. 1st Jan. 1849  
Mr. Pountain Superintendent of matters not relating to the Goods Dept. 1st Jan. 1849  
Mr. Hawkins Manager of Passenger and Goods traffic 20th May 1850  
Mr. J.P. Knight Traffic Manager 21st Apr. 1869 Born 1828, died 1886
General Manager 1st Jan. 1870
Sir Allen Sarle Secretary and General Manager 20th Oct. 1886  
Mr. J.F.S. Gooday General Manager 8th Dec. 1897  
Sir William Forbes General Manager 30th May 1899  
Mr. Hood Acted as Engineer until 1860    
Mr. F.D. Bannister Resident Engineer 3rd Dec. 1860  
Sir C.L. Morgan Chief Engineer 29th Nov. 1895  
Sir J.B. Ball Engineer 1st Mar. 1917  
Mr. O.G.C. Drury Engineer 20th Oct. 1920  
Locomotive Engineers
Mr. J. Gray Locomotive Engineer 27th Mar. 1845  
Mr. T. Kirtley Locomotive Engineer 1st Feb. 1847  
Mr. J.C. CravenLocomotive Engineer 15th Nov. 1847 Born 11th September 1813, died 27 June 1887.
Mr. W. StroudleyLocomotive Engineer 1st Feb. 1870 Born 6th March 1833, died 20th December 1889.
Mr. R.J. BillintonLocomotive Engineer13th Jan. 1890 Born 5th April 1845, died 7th November 1904.
Mr. D.E. MarshLocomotive Engineer 23rd Nov. 1904 Born 4th January 1862, died May 1933.
Col. L.B. BillintonLocomotive Engineer 1st Jan. 1912 Born 1882, died November 1954.