Historical Resources

LB&SCR information

2020-07-20LB&SCR Head Boards and Lights
Some details of head board discs describing train routes in the early 20th century.
2020-07-20LB&SCR Luggage Labels
A comprehensive survey of the different types of luggage labels produced by the LB&SCR.
2018-03-06LB&SCR Police Force
Details of the LB&SCR Police Force
2020-07-20LB&SCR Shed allocations
Some details of where locos were allocated in 1896, 1911 and 1922
2018-03-06LB&SCR signal details
Some details of LB&SCR signals
2018-06-14Magazine article index
Index of various references in magazines to the LB&SCR
2018-03-06The Cranleigh Railway Line
Information on the Cranleigh railway line that ran between Guildford and Horsham, through Surrey & West Sussex, from 1865 to 1965.
2018-03-06Devil's Dyke Railway/Aerial Cableway
Some information about the funicular and cableway at Devil's Dyke
2018-03-06History of the Epsom Downs Branch
Early history of the branch 1865-1928.
2018-03-06Newhaven to Dieppe services
Postcards and photographs of the Newhaven to Dieppe services of the London, Brighton & South Coast Railway
2018-03-06Ouse Valley Railway
Good photographic coverage of the erstwhile Ouse Valley Railway.
2018-03-06Redhill Station
Includes some early view of Redhill station.

Libraries & Record Offices

2018-03-08The National Railway Museum, York
Has a library and research facilities. Location of preserved Stroudley's “Terrier” Boxhill No.82 (1880) and Gladstone No.214 (1882).
2018-03-09British Library
Holds copies of almost all published books, leaflets and magazines in the UK. Now has its catalogue on-line.
2018-03-09The National Archives (formerly the Public Record Office)
Holds records of Company information for all railways in the UK. LB&SCR material is found in its on-line catalogue under - Lettercode: “RAIL”, Class: “414”.
2018-03-09The Keep
East Sussex Records Office
2018-03-09West Sussex Record Office
Holds records of interest related to the county West Sussex, including the 2018-03-09Ronald Shephard & the Fletcher photograph collections. The record office staff have published a book on the railways of West Sussex and can give talks on the railways of the area.

Other resources

2020-07-20The Southern E-Group
Southern railway enthusiasts and modellers corresponding over the Internet.
2018-03-09Southern Railways Group
Study group for the Southern Railway.
They also produce 4 mm LBSC wagon buffers in white metal with steel heads.
2018-03-09The South Western Railway Circle
The historical society for the London & South Western Railway.
2018-03-09South Eastern & Chatham Railway
The historical society for the South Eastern and Chatham Railway and its two constituent railways (the London Chatham and Dover Railway and the South Eastern Railway).
2018-03-09The Historical Model Railway Society
A registered charity promoting accurate models based on historical research.
In particular they have an index of LB&SCR photographs and a collection of LB&SCR drawings available to members.
2018-03-09The Signal Box Society
Excellent coverage of signal box design.
2018-03-09The Regency Society
The James S. Gray collection of photographs - includes some early views of the Craven era (See albums 18 & 31 in particular).
2018-03-09Disused Stations
A lot of useful information and photos of closed stations including many ex-LBSCR ones.

Preserved lines with LB&SCR interest

2018-03-09Bluebell Railway
A comprehensive site with lots of information about this preserved steam line in Mid-Sussex, together with details of their current activities. Location of:
LB&SCR locomotives:
“Terrier” 2018-03-09Stepney No.55 (1875); “Terrier” 2018-03-09Fenchurch No.72 (1872); 2018-03-09 E4 (0-6-2T) Birch Grove No.473 (1898).
LB&SCR coaches:
Four wheelers: 2018-03-09First No.661 (1880); 2018-03-09Brake third No.676 (1875); 2018-03-09Brake third No.949 (1881); 2018-03-09Third No.328 (1890) (see also Ian White's Resources page); and the very early 2018-03-09Second No.35 (1856).
Six wheeler: 2018-03-09Milk & Fruit Van No.270 (1908).
Bogie: 2018-03-09First No.142 (1903); and 2018-03-0912-wheeled Directors' Saloon No.60 (1913).
LB&SCR wagons:
2018-03-098T Box Van No.1590 (1908); 2018-03-098T Box Van No.8196 (1913); 2018-03-0910T Open No.3346 (1914), High-Bar.
2018-03-09Spa Valley Railway
The Spa Valley Railway runs for 3 miles through the picturesque Kentish Weald countryside between the town of Royal Tunbridge Wells and the village of Groombridge, stopping off in between at High Rocks.
Home to Sutton No.10 formerly LB&SCR Whitechapel No.50 (1876);
The line includes the former LB&SCR engine shed at Tunbridge Wells West.
2018-03-09Lavender Line
The Lavender Line is part of the former Lewes to Uckfield Railway. Isfield station has been restored to early Southern Railway colours and looks very much as it would have done in the 1920's and 30's.
2018-03-09The Isle of Wight Steam Railway
Preserved steam line on the Isle of Wight.
LB&SCR locomotives:
“Terriers”: 2018-03-09Newport formerly LB&SCR Brighton No.40 (1878); and 2018-03-09Freshwater formerly LB&SCR Newington No.46 (1877); and E1 2018-03-09Yarmouth formerly LB&SCR Burgundy No.110.
LB&SCR coaches:
2018-03-09Four wheel coaches: 5-compartment third No.2343 (1896), originally second class; 3-compartment brake third No.4115 (1896).
2018-03-09Bogie coaches: 8-compartment third No.2403 (1903); 9-compartment third No.2416 (1916); 5-compartment Brake third No.4168 (1922) and 8-comprtment composite No.6349 (1924).
LB&SCR wagons:
2018-03-09Wagons: 10T Open Goods No.27730 (1928), No.27834 (1925); 10T Single Bolsters: No.59038, No.59034, No.59045, No.59049, No.59050 (1907-1911); 10T Vans No.46923, No.46924 (1922) ex-Cattle; and 10T Machinery Truck No.60579 (1923).
2018-03-09Kent & East Sussex Railway
Preserved "Colonel Stevens" railway on the Kent/Sussex border.
LB&SCR locomotives:
“Terriers”: 2018-03-09Bodiam No.3 formerly LB&SCR Poplar No.70 (1872); and 2018-03-09Knowle No.8 formerly LB&SCR Knowle No.78 (1880)
2018-03-09Bressingham Steam and Gardens
Preserved Steam museum in Norfolk. Location of LB&SCR “Terrier” No.662, formerly Martello No.62 (1875)
2018-03-09Canadian Railway Museum
Location of 2018-03-09LB&SCR “Terrier” Waddon No.54 (1876)


2018-03-09UK Heritage Railways
Preserved lines in the UK. Includes a database of the locations of preserved steam locomotives in the UK.
2018-03-09Preserved Steam Locomotive Database
This is a database of all the preserved ex-main line standard gauge steam locomotives in the UK.
2018-03-09Preserved Southern Coaches
Lists all known preserved SR (& LB&SCR) coaches.
2018-12-18The Railway Heritage Register Carriage Survey Project
A database of historic carriages that are still extant.

Model Railways

LB&SCR related model railways

2018-03-09Clarendon (Leamington & Warwick Model Railway Society)
A P4 (4mm scale, 1:76.2 ratio) layout set in the London area, around 1908, served by trains from the L&NWR, GWR, L&SWR and LB&SCR.
2018-03-09Coombe Wharf (Frank Warren)
A P4 (4mm scale, 1:76.2 ratio) wharf set on the South Coast at the mouth of Ferring Rife. Built for the 2018-03-07Scalefour Society's 18.83 challenge.
2018-03-07East Grinstead Town (Ian White)
A OO (4mm scale, 1:76.2 ratio) layout based on the 1855 and 1866 stations at East Grinstead, designed to provide a stage on which to operate stock built between the 1840s and early 1900s
2018-03-07Ferring (Michael Ball)
A P4 (4mm scale, 1:76.2 ratio) double track branch line set on the South Coast in 1911.
2018-03-09Fittleworth (Phyllida & Nick Holliday)
A P4 (4mm scale, 1:76.2 ratio) single track branch line station in Mid-Sussex set around 1900. Built for the 2018-03-07Scalefour Society's 18.83 challenge.
2018-03-07Hailsham Common (Ian White)
A OO (4mm scale, 1:76.2 ratio) layout set around 1880, designed to provide a stage on which to operate stock built between the 1840s and early 1900s
2018-06-14Lewes (Epsom & Ewell MRC)
A 2FS (2mm scale, 1:152.4 ratio) version of the second (1857) Lewes station, set in 1886.
2018-06-14Midhurst (Michael de Jong Smith)
A OO (4mm scale, 1:76.2 ratio) layout based on the 1866 station at Midhurst
2018-03-07Plumpton Green (Barry Luck)
A P4 (4mm scale, 1:76.2 ratio) model based on Plumpton and his modelling techniques. Also details of the Mid-Sussex 18.83 Group's layouts, including: 2018-03-07West Chiltington; 2018-03-07Pulborough; and 2018-03-07Brighton Road.
2018-03-07Rowfant Grange (Ian White)
A OO (4mm scale, 1:76.2 ratio) layout based on Rowfant, designed to provide a stage on which to operate stock built between the 1840s and early 1900s
2018-06-14Saltdean (Peter Smith)
An O gauge (7mm scale, 1:43.5 ratio) branch line terminus.
2018-03-09Scratch Built locomotives (Ian White)
Details of some of his scratchbuilt LB&SCR locomotives in OO gauge (4mm scale, 1:76.2 ratio).
2020-07-20Sheffield Park (Roger Marler)
A OO (4mm scale, 1:76.2 ratio) layout of Sheffield Park built in Canada
2018-06-14Vintner's Yard (Eric Gates)
An EM (4mm scale, 1:76.2 ratio) shunting yard
2018-06-14Wandle Valley Railway (Mike Watts)
A lovely S gauge model (3/16th inch scale, 1:64 ratio) of the LB&SCR set in the Victorian era.
2018-03-09West Wittering (Dave Searle)
A P4 (4mm scale, 1:76.2 ratio) model branch line terminus set on the Selsey peninsula, set around 1884.

Kit manufacturers with a strong LB&SCR interest

2018-03-095&9 Models
Kits for models of very early LB&SCR prototypes.
2018-03-09David Geen
A range of etched brass LB&SCR coaches, formerly supplied by Alan Gibson.
2018-03-09E.B. Models
A range of etched brass locos, coaches & signal kits for the LB&SCR modeller.
2018-03-09Ian MacCormac Models
A blog of Ian's etching activities, including LBSCR number plates and coaches.
2018-03-09Laurie Griffin Miniatures
Kits for 7mm scale models.
A range of LB&SCR wagons, coaches & locomotives in whitemetal and etched brass (4mm & 7mm scales).
2018-03-09SE Finecast
A large range of whitemetal LB&SCR locomotives.
2018-03-09Severn Mill
A range of 7mm scale nameplates, numberplates, worksplates etc. including the LBSCR
2018-03-09Steam and Things
Kits for 4mm & 7mm scale models.

General model railway resources

2018-03-092mm Scale Association
Fine scale modelling at 2mm to 1ft scale (1:152.4 ratio), 9.42mm gauge.
2018-03-09N Gauge Society
Modelling at 21/16mm to 1ft scale (1:148 ratio), 9mm gauge.
2018-03-09The Three Millimetre Society
Modelling at 3mm to 1ft scale (1:101.6 ratio), 12mm & 14.2mm gauge.
2018-03-09The British 1:87 Scale Society
Modelling at 3.5mm to 1ft scale (1:87 ratio), 16.5mm gauge.
2018-03-09The Double O Gauge Association
Modelling at 4mm to 1ft scale (1:76.2 ratio), 16.5mm gauge.
2018-03-09The E.M. Gauge Society Ltd.
Fine scale modelling at 4mm to 1ft scale (1:76.2 ratio), 18.2mm gauge.
2018-03-09Scalefour Society
Fine scale modelling at 4mm to 1ft scale (1:76.2 ratio), 18.83mm gauge.
2018-03-09S Scale Model Railway Society
Fine scale modelling at 3/16in to 1ft scale (1:64 ratio), 0.884in gauge.
2018-03-09Gauge O Guild
Modelling at 7mm to 1ft scale (1:43.5 ratio), 32mm gauge.
2018-03-09Scale Seven group
Fine scale modelling at 7mm to 1ft scale (1:43.5 ratio), 33mm gauge.